Kitchen Hacks: baking substitutions

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I’m a big fan of fresh baked treats for Sunday breakfast, but by Sunday we’re usually out of all of the necessary ingredients and have to take to the internet to find suitable solutions. After searching high and low across many sites, I have found some of the most common baking hacks for some of the most needed substitutions for all of your baked treats.  As an added bonus, some of these subs reduce the calorie/fat intake, are good for vegans, and have some health benefits, like the beloved coconut oil.   What could be better than enjoying a fresh baked treat in bed without all of the unnecessary calorie guilt? Don’t forget to print the Baking Substitutions to keep handy!


Milk is pretty straight forward,  as long as you have some kind of dairy substitute such as soy, almond, cashew, or coconut milk, then you’re all set.  My personal accomplishment was finding that cottage cheese swapped evenly (1:1 ratio) with milk in scone recipes make them over the top good. The still maintain their crumbly goodness but the added texture keeps them fresh and moist.

Vegetable Oil replacements have a special place in my kitchen since I’m always trying to find ways to cut fat.  Baking with oils and substitutes doesn’t have to be complicated as long as everything is kept in a liquid (think oil-like) consistency.

  1. Applesauce and other fruit/veggie purees will reduce the most calories and fat. Use 3/4 C of puree per 1 C of oil
  2. Olive Oil in an even 1:1 ratio replacement
  3. Coconut oil (melted*) in an even 1:1 ratio is better digested by the body so it does not get stored as fat in the way that vegetable oils do.
  4. Yogurt is a great way to reduce calories and fat.  Substitute 3/4 C of yogurt for each 1 C of oil


Luckily for us makeshift bakers, butter must have gotten a bad rap somewhere along the line because there are so many options for replacement. Not much beats a warm, buttery muffin except a muffin with less calories and/or fat, which you can obtain with these subs.

  1. Applesauce and other fruit/veggie purees substituted as a1:1 ratio.  If you want to keep a more consistent texture, use half the amount of butter and the other half with a puree.
  2. Avocado has similar properties as applesauce as a replacement but creates a softer texture.  Also use as 1:1 replacement ratio.
  3. Greek Yogurt as a 1:1 ratio
  4. Coconut oil as a solid* makes an awesome replacement anywhere solid butter is used; use as a 1:1 replacement ratio.
  5. Olive oil acts as a fat replacement for the butter to keep with texture consistency. Best used as a 3/4 C to each 1 C of butter.


Eggs are a little more difficult since they have their own special properties that aren’t easily mimicked.  Here are a few known options that are tried and true (and work well in vegan recipes!)

  1. Flax eggs are made with ground up flax seed until it’s powdery and mixed with egg to give the consistency of egg whites.  Mix 1 Tbs ground flax with 3 Tbs water per each egg.
  2. Applesauce/Banana use 1/4 C per each egg
  3. Mixture of 1 tsp baking powder, ½ tsp oil, 2 tbs milk/water beaten together per each egg.

Bon Apetite and keep your Baking Substitutions close!






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