Weekday Roundup

As I have been waiting for the weather to break and stay a nice, consistent temperature I have found myself doing a lot more internet reading to lighten my mood.  I am always interested in reading about new beauty and health trends so that’s where most of my attention has been drawn this week.  Maybe it’s because Saturn is in Retrograde that I’ve been evaluating different areas of life and what fits and what doesn’t and, for me the biggest changes revolve around my health and mental well-being. I’m looking forward to finding more of these fun articles and maybe put some to use soon. Have a great weekend!

  1. Saturn is all about time and evaluation

  2. Bad habits and the like that are ruining your skin

  3. Because sometimes you just need to read something beautiful

  4. Reigning king of oil, coconut oil has more uses than you’d think

  5. No need to feel guilty about going out to dinner if you follow these tips

Photo credits

  1. lightstargod/Pixabay // Jeffrey/Flickr
  2. Marie Claire
  3. Featured Image
  4. Featured Image
  5. Stock Photo

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